Do You Know What Your Property is Worth?

We've done this more than anyone. Let us show you why.

If you've started to look for a new home, it's important to know what your current home is worth. Knowing what you would like to buy is only half the equation. Gillette & Associates works with you to ensure that we build a strategy to ensure that you will have somewhere to call home. Part of this strategy is do you buy or sell first? Without knowing what kind of property you are looking to move to, and how much you will get for your current property, it's very difficult to time things and plan. This is where we go to work for you.

Working with Gillette & Associates you will see our expertise in:

  • In-house Marketing
    • Innovative technologies to market your home better
    • Strategically displaying your home in the right place at the right time
    • Maximizes advertising efforts by targeting the right buyers
  • Top Negotiation Specialist, 30+ years
    • Industry awards for over achieving for our clients
  • Analytics & Market Trends Specialist
    • We are endlessley researching market trends and what buyers are looking for
  • Accurate Home Values
Want the current value of your home in our changing market?

Thinking about selling? Get your accurate home value from leaders in the Nanaimo real estate market today